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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Wisconsin



Wisconsin Office of Insurance

121 East Wilson Street

Madison, WI 53702

Phone: 608-266-3585

Toll Free: 800-236-8517

Fax: 608-266-9935



Highlights:  The State of Wisconsin's Office of the Commissioner of Insurance website gives an overview of what the office is about.  It also gives quick links where one can go to get information to file a complaint and download a template of a complaint form.  There is also a link that has news about press releases and policies that are coming out.  Also included on the website are links to the laws, rules and bulletins, contact information of the Commissioner and contact links of other helpful services, forms, and employment opportunity information.  There is even a quiz to test your insurance knowledge.


Wisconsin Department of Transportation

4802 Sheboygan Ave. PO Box 7910

Madison, WI 53707-7910

Phone: 608-266-3358



Highlights: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation website is a place where anyone interested on information about driving, licensing, fees, forms, tests, anything dealing with legalizing your ability to drive and registering your car with the state can be found here.  There is also a section for those who wish to sell a car or buy one and the steps one must take to make that process official with the state.  There are links at the top that also direct someone to safety on the roadways, traveling by air, bike or land, plans and projects of today and the future dealing with the transportation system, state police, doing business with the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation and programs with the local governments.



Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 65 mph

Urban-  65 mph






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