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Everything You Need to Know about Winter Driving    


inter driving can be a challenge at the best of times.  Slopes, highways, possibilities of road closures, and inexperienced drivers all add up to an exciting time on the highway. Before you begin your trip, you would be wise to keep abreast of the weather and road reports.


Below find tips that will hopefully help you get ready to hit the roads this winter.


q       Take your time.  Take your time and plan ahead for extra time whenever driving.  This will allow you to stay calm and be more careful as well as be prepared for any emergencies on the road.


q       Clear the snow off the car.  Don't just make a small hole in the snow and ice on the driver's side of the windshield.  Clean off every transparent surface on the auto, including windows, mirrors, and lights. Then clear the snow off the rest of the car so it does not slide down into your windshield and blind you.


q       Use your cell phone.  Winter driving is one of the legitimate uses of your cell phone.  Keep it charged and full of minutes so it can be used in an emergency.  Just make sure you are stopped before dialing and talking.


q       Know your car.  Every car handles differently.  Know your car and how it reacts to different surfaces.  Know how to steer it when it is sliding and how hard to press the brakes so they won't lock.


q       Carry sandbags in the trunk.  If you have a rear-wheel-drive car that needs some help with traction, place a few bags of sand or kitty litter over the axle in your trunk.  Make sure they are aligned over the wheels and don't slide back, and don't put too much weight in the back, it'll lift up the front and create more of a hazard.


q       Keep a full tank of gas at all times.  If you get stranded, your engine will be the only source of heat you have available to you.  Also, no one wants to walk miles in freezing weather to the nearest gas station.


q       Replace your windshield wipers.  Make sure you have all-weather wipers installed on your car.  These are much stronger than the standard variety and will move snow easier.  


q       Make sure your battery and charging system are working.  Your mechanic should check your battery, charging system, and belts.  If you find you do need a new battery, get the best you can afford.  Batteries loose power as the temperature drops, so the same battery that worked fine all summer may not do the job come winter.


q       Get a tune-up or regular service done.  If you are due for any type of service, get it done before the nasty weather hits.  This will save time and headaches when you are able to avoid a breakdown on the side of a snow-covered highway.  


The above tips may seem like common sense, but they need to be done every year to keep your vehicle in good running condition for winter.  Of course, anything can happen, but you can protect yourself from most of it by being as prepared as possible.


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