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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Washington



Washington State Insurance Commissioner

5000 Capitol Boulevard

Tumwater, WA 98501

Phone: 360-725-7000

Fax: 360-586-3535



Highlights:  The Washington State Insurance Commission website is an extensive resource that provides consumers and insurance agents with information regarding the laws and regulations surrounding the insurance industry in Washington State.  The site has a special section devoted to helping consumers make informed decisions when purchasing car insurance, crop insurance, home insurance, health insurance and much more.  The latest news publications and press releases can be viewed online.  Additionally, the website provides easy access to keep in touch with the insurance commission and is constantly adding new features to improve accessibility.  A large section of the website is devoted to helping insurance agents provide quality services to all of their customers.


Washington Department of Licensing

1125 Washington St. SE, Port Office Box 9020

Olympia, WA 98507-9020

Phone: 360-902-3600



Highlights:  The Washington Department of Licensing is an informative and interactive website that provides Washington residents with a huge selection of information and online services.  Special resources can be found for drivers, and information on the services the department of licensing offers cars, trucks and boats can be found.  There is even special sections devoted to allow businesses to obtain registration and policy information.  Consumer alerts are issued on the page to so that residents do not become a victim of fraud.  New drivers can benefit from a large selection of resources designed especially for them including an online practice drivers test and a list of driverís license frequently asked questions.  You can even renew your vehicle or vessel or report that your car has been sold online.



Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 70 mph

Urban-  60 mph





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