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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Vermont




Vermont Department of Banking Insurance Securities and Health Care

89 Main St. Drawer 20

Montpelier, VT 05620-3101

Phone: 802-828-4872



Highlights:  The Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care administration website gives the consumer links to view any questions or inquiries into Banking, Securities or Insurance.  The Banks link gives assistance to people that may have questions about a particular topic, it has a link to regulations and bulletins, credit unions, etc.  The insurance link is similar to the banking link in that it only has informational links to some insurance topics.  There is a consumer assistance link within the securities link that may help if one has any other questions.  There is a frequently asked questions link on the homepage that may be able to answer some questions one may have.


State of Vermont Department of Motor Vehicle

120 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

Phone: 802-828-2000




Highlights:  The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles website has a lot of links on the homepage that are helpful to the everyday driver.  One can look at a driverís manual online, get forms, and get any and all information for anyone who is a driver or will be in the future.  Each link listed on the home page opens up to many links that are more defined to the topic.  Drivers can look up their driving records online as well as get information on vehicle transfers.  There is a frequently asked questions link that may answer a question one may already have, or you can go to the contact link and write and email or call someone who will be able to help you.




Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 65 mph

Urban-  55 mph





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