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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Tennessee



Tennessee Commerce & Insurance Administration

500 James Robertson Parkway, Davy Crocket Tower

Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: 615-741-2241



Highlights:  The Tennessee Commerce & Insurance Administration bears the complex responsibility of protecting the interests of consumers while providing fair, efficient oversight and a level field of competition for industries and professionals doing business in Tennessee.  Their website is mainly an information source for consumers and insurance agents to learn more about the industry and the Insurance Administration.  A large selection of press releases and annual reports can be viewed online.  A departmental directory is available so you can easily locate individuals you would like to speak with.  Consumers can search a large database of licensed insurance providers. Additionally, there is a large selection of downloadable files and resources.  


Tennessee Department of Safety - Motor Vehicle Services

414 Union Street, Suite 910

Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 615-313-0300

Toll Free: 866-886-3468

Fax: 615-313-0301



Highlights:  The Tennessee Department of Safety website allows one to renew their driverís license online, or to view a license handbook online.  There is also a link that gives directions to and information on educational programs such as defensive driving school.  Such programs are offered to reduce the numbers that you see in the fatality reports also listed on this site.  There is a road conditions link that pinpoints specific hazardous areas due to weather or construction.  There is a rules and regulations link and a frequently asked questions link for anyone who may have a question or is interested learning more about the rules of the road.


Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 70 mph

Urban-  70 mph



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