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Automotive Safety  

There are many topics about safety when you are driving, to safety when you are working on your auto, and safety inspections that you can do on your car.  An extensive listing of tips, ideas, and safety reviews about automobiles; auto accessories and traveling safely will be included here for your reading. 

Imagine you are traveling down the road and your tire goes flat fast, and all this is happening while you are traveling in the fast lane, what will you do?  What is the safest way to get off the road without wrecking in to another car? Read on for more details. 

Bookmark this automobile safety page, and come back and visit as our articles and our newest information is always changing.  We will be doing our best to stay on top of the latest recalls and news information about safety so that you are informed. 


Road Trip and Traveling Safety for the Entire Family  -Learn all about packing your car...and yourselves for that long road trip. Driving Safely Five Safety Tips Most Forgotten -5 great tips to keep you and your family safe in your car, truck, or SUV. Everything You Need to Know about Winter Driving -Some excellent ideas for keep safe on the roads during the treacherous winter season.
Important Tips about Child Restraint Seats- NHTSA requires new LATCH system. Learn more.... Most Common Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them -What causes accidents?  Drinking?  Jabbering on that cell phone?   How to Find a Good Attorney if You're Involved in an Accident - Don't miss out on these important tips.
How to Get Your Car Ready to Cruise into Summer -The winter has been tough on your car, but there is no better time to get it ready for summer! Buckling Up for Two -Your baby's first ride is in your womb.  Tips to make sure she stays safe. Driving Safely with Disabilities -People all across America are driving with disabilities requiring special modifications.
Important Tips About Child Restraints-Part 2 -continuation of car seat safety. Important Tips About Child Restraints-Part 3 -final chapter of the car seat series. Emergency:Loss of Steering Due to a Blowout -learn these important tips for dealing with a sudden blowout.
Emergency: Driving on Flooded Roads -it's been raining for hours and you have to drive.  Read on... 6 Must-Know Tips for Driving on Snow and Ice -yes that snow looks pretty out the window, but what about driving on it?


Latest Automotive and Insurance News

Atlantic Mutual Insurance Announces Online Safety Manual (4-11-03) 

NHTSA Makes Preliminary Finding That NexL Motorcycle Helmets Do Not Comply with Safety Standard (4-18-03)

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