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Goodyear Run-Flat Tires Inspire Peace of Mind



oodyear ATV run-flat tires are more than just remarkable tires. They are peace of mind. These tires have an extra feature that can make a tremendous difference if you are in the dicey situation of having to drive with a flat tire. These tires can operate for limited distances on very low to zero air inflation. This means that even with a total loss of pressure, your car will continue driving at least 50 miles at 25 miles per hour, allowing you to get you and your car safely to a gasoline station or a body shop where you can have that flat tire attended to.

Just imagine never having to worry about being stranded on the side of the road. Not to mention, haven’t you noticed the tendency for flats to occur in the pouring rain?

Furthermore, these tires are compatible with any ATV wheel, whether it is new or used. They require no special tools or wheel assembly, and can be repaired easily, using standard repair techniques.

These tires are what could be called ‘smart tires.” They have air valves to detect a loss of pressure and alert the driver. This is important because these tires give you a smooth ride even when minimally inflated. Without these sensors, the driver might have no idea he has a flat.

You may be unaware of the proud and patriotic history behind the development of these tires. Goodyear first developed these tires in the pre-World War II years, and they proved reliable enough to be used on military vehicles. One might even say, then, that Goodyear has served its country well.

The Corvette of 1994 had the honor of offering Goodyear’s flat-run tires as one of its options. The tires were so effective they became standard on the 1997 Corvette and the 1997 Prowler.

Soon, other models adopted these tires as standard wheels. The tires were so dependable that Chevrolet and Plymouth dared to eliminate the spare tires and tire-changing equipment from the Corvette and the Plymouth Prowler.

Placed on off-road vehicles, run-flat tires survive even punctures, continuing to drive smoothly until the vehicle returns to civilization.

These tires are so special that they were finalists in Automotive News magazine’s PACE Awards in recognition for automotive innovation and exceptional technology.

Goodyear run-flat tires have been chosen as the exclusive tire for Hummer vehicles used by military units throughout the world. And consumer interest in vehicle safety has put these tires at the top of their list for safety equipment. If you’ve ever experienced a blowout at 60 miles per hour, this fact is easy to understand.

Expect to see more vehicles adopting Goodyear flat-run tires as standard equipment on new models in the coming years. 




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