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 Through the power and speed of the Internet you can quickly and privately research new and used vehicle prices.  Below are the top sites we have found. is one of the most comprehensive sites for researching vehicle prices on the web.  Very easy to use.  New Vehicle prices are categorized by MSRP, Invoice, and their proprietary"TMV" price.  Used vehicles are broken down by Trade-in, Private Party, and Dealer Retail price.  Site also includes reviews, maintenance tips, much more.




Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is also a very comprehensive site for research.  New vehicle prices are separated by Invoice and Retail, plus special fees, credits, incentives, and options.  Used Vehicle prices broken down by trade-in, Private Party, and Retail.  You must fill in typical equipment and mileage before getting the pricing report.  Site also includes articles, recall info, etc.

Another excellent site.  New vehicle prices broken down by Total Invoice and MSRP.  Used Vehicle prices are categorized by Average Trade-in and Average Retail.  Site also includes sections on classic cars, marine, and aircraft.







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