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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of North Carolina



NC Department of Insurance

PO Box 26387

Raleigh, NC 27611

Phone: 919-733-2032

Toll Free: 800-546-5664


Highlights:  The North Carolina Department of Insurance website is well organized and easy to browse.  You can download adobe acrobat reader on this site so you can view the forms also included on the site, look up possible job opportunities, get contact information if you have any questions so you can write or call the offices, and read about the latest news releases and publications.  The industry link at the top of the page allows consumers to go do research on licensing or agents in the state.  There is also a frequently asked questions link that may answer any questions one may have before they go searching around the website to try and find what they are looking for.


NC Division of Motor Vehicles

1100 New Bern Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27697

Phone: 919-715-7000 or 919-861-3040

Fax: 919-733-0126



Highlights:  The North Carolina Department of Transportation website allows drivers or future drivers to get needed information on how to obtain a license or to renew a registration for a vehicle.  There is also a link where a driver can view his/her points and convictions along with driving records.  If you are interested in getting a custom plate then click on the associated link and follow the instructions.  There is a crash report link that gives the yearís total number of reported cases, or one can go here and report a crash online.  The driverís manual is a good place to look for those interested in applying for a permit.



Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 70 mph

Urban-  65 mph





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