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No Lemons Wanted- Used Car Buying Tips


Have you been driving the same car for years? Do you know if the car is going to start when you need to go to work? If you have been driving the same vehicle for some time now, and you donít know if your car is going to start every time you go out to the driveway, it is a good time to think about getting a new used car.  

How will you find a great used car that you can depend on yet still afford?  Start by looking through the local papers, the yellow pages, and by taking a little ride around the local towns near you to find where local dealers are and what they currently are offering.  

One place that you can find a great used car is at the bigger specialized dealers.  You know the types that sell just Ford, or Dodge, or a Chevy Ė they accept trade ins on all of their new cars, and often the trade ins offered on these lots are newer and well kept machines that have been maintained.  Often you can even find a quality used car with low miles that still has a partial factory warranty on it.  Combine the factory warranty with the lemon laws that protect you when buying a used car you are off to a great start.  

Before you buy any car, check out the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau to check up on the car dealers you are considering buying from to make sure that they treat their consumers with respect when selling them used vehicles.  

Another great source of information your should consider looking up is Kellyís Blue Book where they list all the going prices for cars, trucks and other vehicles.  When you are buying a used car, you know if you are paying a good price when you use this resource.  They have been in the car pricing business for years, and their book is used by millions of buyers every year.  If you are looking to trade in your car for another used car, you will be able to look up the fair book price of your car, but you should expect to get a little less when you trade it in.  Who ever is accepting your trade in, will only be able to sell it for the fair book price, so they will have to give you less than what is listed so donít get offended by this practice this is normal. 

When you are in the market to buy a used car you should be aware that if you find a car with low miles, with a warranty and at a great price, you would need to act fast. Many times when you find a great deal on a used vehicle the car usually will sell fast from the lot, so if you are really interested to buy that vehicle you will need to jump on it fast. 

Use your knowledge of cars, the prices of used cars, what type of car you like, how much you can afford and which dealers have a great service reputation to find the best deal on a used car that you can trust!

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