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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Missouri



Missouri Department of Insurance

301 West High Street, PO Box 690

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: 573-751-4126  


Highlights:  The Missouri Department of Insuranceís regulates the insurance industry in Missouri and provides consumer protection for the insurance-buying public.  Their website is a great resource to obtain the latest breakthroughs and news in the insurance industry.  Additionally, it offers a special section devoted to helping consumers make informed insurance decisions.  Shopping guides, rate information, frequently asked questions and other comprehensive resources are available for auto, home and life insurance customers.  You can even search for licensed insurers using a database of all insurance companies in the state and receive the ratings on the various insurance companies.  The Department of Insurance website also provides a wide range of industry information including statistics, schedules of hearings, fees and what to do if you have complaints.  Furthermore, all the regulations that govern the insurance industry can be viewed online.





Missouri Motor Vehicles and Driving Licenses

Room 470, Truman Office Building, 301 West High Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: 573-751-4600 or 573-751-4509  


Highlights:  The Missouri Motor Vehicles and Driving Licenses website provides an overview of the services the department offers with specific attention devoted to driver licensing and motor vehicle registrations.  The website is very interactive and fun to use with original features such as a driverís licensing checklist, online driverís manuals, information on insurance and a wise selection of downloadable forms.  Young drivers and parents will benefit from the comprehensive explanation of the graduate licensing program that explains the various types of licenses and privileges or restrictions that are associated with them.  Specific attention is devoted to help citizens make informed decisions about drinking and driving.  Additionally the website provides several online resources that can save you time such as online plate renewals.



Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 70 mph

Urban-  60 mph






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