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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Indiana



Indiana Department of Insurance

311, W. Washington Street, Suite 300

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2787

Phone: 317-232-2385

Fax: 317-232-5251



Highlights:  The Indiana Department of Insurance enforces statutes and regulations applicable to the operation of approximately 1,780 insurance companies, the issuance of insurance policies, the handling of complaints, and the dissemination of public insurance information.  The website is designed to keep consumers and agents informed of the latest news affecting the department, and provide an extensive amount of consumer resources.   Insurance agents can be searched online, company information can be researched and the latest rate forms and filings can be downloaded.  A complaint form can be filled in online for all types of insurance.  Additionally, a large number of online brochures are available and are designed to assist consumers in selecting an insurance agent and answering the most common questions.


Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

100 N Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 317-233-6000



Highlights:  The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website gives you the opportunity to renew your vehicle right on their website without ever leaving the house.  The website also gives you an option to do searches on drivers license numbers, title and lien, and vehicle registration.  You can try out a demo of this for a small fee.  There is a FAQ dealing with all areas concerning registration for a vehicle and links to renewal of your registration.  There is an online driverís manual for the state, and useful information for every driver looking to better their driving skills or just to learn more about the topic.  Anyone who has received a ticket or other offense while driving can also go to this website to get information, order videos or just to look at the procedures one must take if their license was suspended.




Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 65 mph

Urban-  55 mph






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