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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Illinois



Illinois Department of Insurance

James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., Suite 15-100

Chicago, IL 60601-3251

Phone: 312-814-2427

Fax: 312-814-5435

Highlights:  The Illinois Department of Insurance provides general information on the department of insurance, resources for consumers and providers, and industry information.  Comprehensive information for consumers is available including the latest facts and figures, information on auto, health, homeowners and life insurance, and laws and regulations that govern the department are available to view online.  Complaints can be completed online and resources explaining what is involved in the complaint process, what you must do before filing a complaint and how to file a complaint are all covered.  The Department of Insurance website also outlines insurance company information, has press releases and newsletters online and provides yearly reports available for public knowledge.  This is a great resource for all people who are interested in learning how the insurance process works in Illinois.


Illinois Services for Motorists

213 State Capitol

Springfield, IL 62706

Toll Free: 800-252-8980



Highlights:  The Illinois Services for Motorists websites is an attractive page and a huge information resource for all Illinois residents interested in obtaining, or renewing a license plate or registration.  This website conveniently offers alternatives to make registrations and renewals online and saves you from making a trip to one of their local offices.  A detailed investigation into the rules of the road is available online and will guide new and experienced drivers through tips, statistics, and safety information designed to make the roads danger free.  A comprehensive section is designed especially for young drivers and explains how to obtain a driver’s license and what rules must be adhered to in order to keep it.  Additionally, minimum mandatory insurance is explained along with other resources to ensure your vehicle is complying to the law.  This website is a must see for all car owners.


Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 65 mph

Urban-  55 mph


Latest Automotive and Insurance News

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