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Great Gifts for the Car Enthusiast for Under $100   


hat do you get for the man who has everything?  Well, if one of his hobbies is driving or maintaining cars, there are many options for relatively inexpensive gifts that he will enjoy.  Below is a list of just a few!


Hand Painted “Hot Rod” Timepiece Time Pieces come in three basic models with lots of style and color choices to make yours stand out in a crowd. 


Busted Knuckle Garage® Sludge Mug. -  It's two-side logo will be a constant reminder for what's ahead when you start twisting the wrenches again. Comes in "Tailpipe Grey" and leaks only when broken. Visit for more information.


Personalized Car sign – Get a personalized sign made out of wood from Signs of Wood with the hand-painted picture of your favorite vehicle in the center.


KoolArt T-Shirts – offer these T-shirts with over 1,350 images of your favorite vehicle. Each of the shirts are white pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts and features a small print on the front left chest and a large print on the back.


Ice Warner Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer With Clock And Freeze Alert - All in one unit includes a clock, inside and outside thermometer and a freeze alert to warn you of potentially dangerous icy conditions.


Garage Laser Parking System - Projects red laser beam onto dash (or any location you choose) when car is in the "right" spot!


Heated Car Blanket - Heated car blanket keeps your legs warm merely by plugging into any 12V cigarette plug.


Auto Ultra heater – An Auto Ultra Heater provides heat instantly . . . even before your car warms up! Powerful portable heater plugs into cigarette lighter to quickly defrost rear and side windows. Defrosts windshield for clear viewing in a jiffy. Set it on the floor and circulating fan will keep legs and feet toasty warm. Keeps passengers comfortably warm in the back seat!


Self Charge Auto Jumper - Plug Self Charge Auto Jumper into your car's cigarette lighter socket. Its powerful (5 amps/ 14.5 volts), sealed, rechargeable Ni-Cad battery will jump-start your dead battery in just 10 minutes. Leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter for 30 to 120 minutes as you drive to recharge it from your car's battery. Additionally, it also provides instant emergency power for your laptop, PDA or cell phone charger, too.


Magazine Subscription - For the classic gift that keeps on giving, give a magazine subscription to the car enthusiast in your life.  These can range from collectable cars to self-maintenance guides. 


Service Certificates - To give the driveway mechanic a break for a while, buy him a set of oil change gift certificates or a year's worth of car washes.  This will allow him to focus on the less mundane repairs and may even keep a few more towels out of the washroom. 


Any of these would make wonderful gifts for the car enthusiast on your list this year.  Keep in mind the personality and wishes of the recipient, and if all else fails, there’s always a gift certificate from their favorite store!


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