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Many insurance companies for a variety of premium discounts for their customers for safety equipment on your auto or for "good driver" habits.  Below we have detailed a few of these:



Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)- Anti-lock braking systems can often help prevent the loss of control of your auto or truck in sudden braking situations.  



Anti-Theft Devices-  There are many of devices on the market designed to protect your auto from theft.  Many insurance companies will only offer you a discount on your policy if you have an active or passive disabling alarm system or alarm-only system.  Check with your insurer for the specific types they will award discounts for.  Check out the article, The Car Thief's Nightmare: Auto Alarms and other Anti-Theft Devices.



Restraint Systems- These are air bags, dual air bags, and seat belts.  All of these are now common in most late-model vehicles.  Having all three may qualify you for the highest level of discount, depending on your insurer.



Good Driver-  As a general rule, a good driver has: a license for more than 3 years in the U.S., and not more than 2 violation points on your driving record for either an accident and/or chargeable accident, or moving violation.  Also no DWI, DUI, manslaughter, or gross negligence in an accident with the past 7 years.



Driver Training-  ordinarily for teenage drivers who have successfully completed a training course from a certified school or instructor.



Good Student Discount-  ordinarily awarded to teenagers with a "B" average or better.



Accident Prevention Course-  If you have a certificate of completion, many insurance companies will offer discounts for approved accident prevention courses.



Multi-Policy Discount-  having your auto and homeowners insurance with the same company frequently entitles you to a discount.


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These discount definitions are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to alter or replace the insurance policy. Additionally, this information is not intended to fully set out your rights and obligations or the rights and obligations of the insurance company. If you have questions about your insurance, you should consult your insurance agent, the insurance company, or the language of the insurance policy.  Policies, terms, and laws vary from state to state.


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