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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Delaware



Delaware Insurance Department

841 Silver Lake Boulevard

Dover, DE 19904

Phone: 302-739-4251

Highlights:  The Delaware Insurance Department provides information for consumers and agents of car, home or health insurance.  The website is kept up to date with the latest news that will affect consumers and provides an online form to issue a consumer complaint.  There is a large section devoted to consumer services such as insurance publications, answers to insurance questions, arbitration and complaints.  Fraud investigation is covered that outlines what fraudulent activities are, how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud and explains the difference between criminal and civil statuses.  Information for insurance agents is provided and includes a handbook and explains privacy issues and details on how to become an insurance agent.



Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

2230 Hessler Blvd.

New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: 302-434-3200


Highlights:  The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles is a great resource for all car owners and people who are interested in obtaining a driverís license.  The website provides a list of all DMV locations and office hours.  A large section of the page is devoted to providing residents information on the services they offer and answering questions many consumers have.  Many different driverís manuals are available online including a car manual in both English and Spanish, commercial driverís manuals, motorcycle manuals and dealership manuals are all available for download on the website.  The website outlines driver services that are being offered including information on how to obtain a license, and driver training and improvement courses that are available. Additionally, this website provides information for new Delaware residents or those people who have recently changed their address. 


Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 65 mph

Urban-  55 mph



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