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5 Great Entertainment Options for your Car



ar gadgets are not only about getting from point A to point B. They are also about the experience on the way. One of the major trends the car audio equipment makers are embracing is the ability for car stereos to play MP3 digital music files.

MP3-   Visteon, which makes gear for Ford vehicles, has a product called the MACH MP3 Music System that will initially be available via the company's web site. Aiwa and Kenwood also make in-car MP3 players. Aiwa's CDC-MP3 costs about $450, and Kenwood's Z919 sells for $1,050. 

There's also the "hard-drive in the trunk" approach. Visteon also has the MACH MP3 Jukebox that can play up to 4,000 songs. Mobile music fans can transfer their MP3 collection onto a palm-sized removable storage cartridge that connects to the PC via a USB docking station.


Navigation-   A sophisticated alternative to the fold-up map is the CD-ROM driven navigation system.  VDO Dayton, for example, provides a series of GPS-enabled systems that include a small dash-mounted monitor and a remote control.  Maps are loaded in to the system via a CD-ROM drive. Seven CDs can be purchased for regions in the U.S. One CD provides Canadian maps.


HandHeld Devices-   For the mobile professional, business doesn't have to stop when you strap on the seat belt. Granted, it's pretty risky accessing your Palm or even using your cell phone while driving. But MobileAria has a solution that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. 

The company, a start-up owned by Delphi Automotive Systems and Palm Inc., has developed the Communiport MPCpro, a system that provides voice access to your Palm and cellular.  Mounted on your dashboard, the Mobile Productive Center (MPC) is a docking station that connects your Palm and cell phone together. Using only your voice, you can access e-mail, notes, to-do lists, stock quotes, news and weather. Just speak commands clearly and the MPCpro will answer. Your cellular phone can also access the Palm's address book to make calls.


Video Options-   New gadgets aren't just impacting the driver. In-car entertainment gear is changing the passenger experience as well. Video equipment that plays movies and video games have come to the backseat.   If you're thinking that Hollywood squeal and roar in the back seat isn't an appealing audioscape to drive to, you'll be pleased to know that headphone jacks can be used with the system while your CDs play on the front car speakers. One other nice feature: the passengers have access to an audio volume on their console, but they can't make it any louder than the threshold set by the driver.


Sound Systems-   Car stereos are a wonderful hobby for many people, but it helps to have good knowledge of what makes them tick to get the most out of your car stereo system.  Letís review the most important components.


Amplifiers-   All the sound you hear has to come through the amplifiers, or amps, so quality does matter when buying these pieces.  Some amplifiers come with built in crossovers. A crossover is a device that divides the audio into two or more parts, depending on the frequency of the sound. 

Head Units-   This unit mounts in the dash of your vehicle and generates much of the sound you hear (and controls most of the rest of the system).  If you want to play Cassettes, CDs, Minidisks, or MP3 files, you'll need to buy a head unit that can handle that type of media. 

Speakers-   The number one thing you can do to make your car stereo system sound great is to put in good quality speakers.  The best amp, head unit (the part that goes in the dash), CD player, and speaker cable in the world won't make up for poor quality speakers.


As you can see, itís very easy to turn your car into a total entertainment system.  It can also be overwhelming.  Great diversity exists not only in the gadgets available, but also in taste.  Sample the goods. Donít buy on impulse Ė it could be very costly in the end. 


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