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California Auto Insurance Fact Sheet


California Auto Insurance Requirements -The state of California mandates that all auto drivers and vehicle owners carry the following minimum monetary limits of California auto insurance:
  • $15,000 for injury or death of 1 person per accident
  • $30,000 for injury or death of 2 or more persons per accident
  • $5,000 for property damage per accident

All Californians are required to carry documentation of their insurance coverage in their auto at all times. Usually this is in the form of an identification card provided by your insurer. The card must include the following: the insurance company's name and address, the period of coverage and your policy number.


Car Tax Refund Status: The final car tax refund checks were mailed to DMV customers 03/25/04. These refunds were issued to registered automobile owners who paid the higher vehicle license fee (VLF) between 10/01/03 and 01/28/04.


California Department of Insurance

300 South Spring Street, South Tower

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: 213-897-8921

Toll Free: 800-927- HELP (4357)

Highlights: The California Department of Insurance (CDI) site is designed to assist consumers, aid in the licensing of insurance agents or brokers, and serve as a source of information on the laws that regulate the insurance industry.  Their website provides information that protects consumers and assists them with any problems.  A section of the website is devoted to keeping car owners informed on the latest news and changes to policies.  Information on fraud and what to do if you suspect fraud is covered.  In addition to this website being a great resource for consumers, it also offers extensive information for agents interested in licensing or brokering.

Interstate Highway speed limits -Rural- 70 mph -Urban-  65 mph

California Department of Motor Vehicles

2415 1st Avenue Mail Station F101

Sacramento, CA 95818

Toll Free: 800-777-0133


Highlights: The California Department of Motor Vehicles is a website devoted to traffic safety and the monitoring of drivers.  They have an extensive list of online services that are available including vehicle and boat registration, personalized license plates, refunds, information on driving schools, voter registration and online traffic payment.  Additionally, if you have any questions the DMV website provides a wealth of information to answer questions including a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers, and related publications designed to assist new drivers in training. All DMV forms are available for download on the website.  If you need to locate the nearest DMV, you can search their online database.  The website is available in both English and Spanish.  



Do you qualify for the California Low Cost Auto Insurance policy program?

It is available to to residents of Los Angeles County or the City and County of San Francisco only from July 2000 until January 1, 2007  Other eligibility criteria and restrictions imposed by state law, such as income limits, also apply.



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