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The Car Thief’s Nightmare: Anti-Theft Devices 


et’s face it — auto theft is big business. A vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the United States. While no vehicle or anti-theft device is 100% effective, what they do is buy TIME. And time is the auto thief’s greatest opponent.

Simply put, the longer it takes to break into your car, the greater the chance the thief runs of being caught. Common sense then dictates that when encountering a difficult target, moving on to an easier job is a wise decision

Of course, car owners often help the auto burglar by generously leaving the keys in the ignition or the door unlocked. Sometimes, they go to the trouble of installing an anti-theft devise, but can’t be bothered with activating it.

Here are some facts about car theft:

·        Over two thirds of auto thefts happen at night.

·        Over half occur in residential areas.

·        A car is much more likely to be stolen from an unattended parking lot than from the street or a lot with an on-duty attendant.

·        Anti-theft devices slow down car thieves and increase their risk or discovery. This usually discourages the car thief from even trying to mess with your car.

There are auto theft precautions that may protect your vehicle. Some are obvious: remove the keys from your car and lock your windows and doors. Next, try to park in a well-lit area. Never hide a spare key to your car on or inside the vehicle — give the car thief more credit than that!

Now we come to vehicle safety devices. Some cars offer anti-theft options such as locking steering wheels, gas caps, and alarm systems. You have the option of installing what is called a “kill switch” which prevents the thief from starting the car. Anti-theft bars or Steering Wheel Locking Devices prevent the steering wheel from being turned and are highly visible from the outside of the car, acting as extremely effective deterrents.

Finally, we come to car alarms. A typical car is outfitted with motion sensors, impact sensors, and a loud siren or series of tones. The best of these alarms activate automatically when you leave your vehicle and include an automotive kill switch. This switch is especially helpful due to the fact that the prevalence of car alarms going off for reasons other than theft has created a kind of “cry wolf” syndrome — no one pays attention except to grit their teeth and gripe.

If you want to get really serious, invest in an electronic tracking device. This is a transmitter hidden in the vehicle that emits a signal monitored by the police. These tracking devices are extremely effective in locating a stolen car before it can be stripped.

As you can see, you are not helpless when it comes to car theft. From the simplest steps to James Bond’s type devices, you have the ability to fight back. Take action, and most likely, after dinner and a show, you will find your vehicle exactly in the spot where you parked it.




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