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Insurance Resources & Related Websites For Residents of Alabama



State of Alabama, Department of Insurance

201 Monroe Street, Suite 1700

Montgomery, AL  36104

Phone: 334-269-3550


Highlights: Alabama Department of Insurance provides consumer information about the insurance industry in the State of Alabama.  It provides resources to search for registered automobile, life, disability, dental and funeral insurance companies.  An informative consumer brochure is available online that will teach you the basics of what an insurance company is and provide you with what to look for when selecting an insurance company.  Additionally, a list of frequently asked questions is available to help you select an insurance company and a comprehensive list of what to do if you are involved in an accident.  The site provides other useful information for consumers such as filing requirements, rate bulletins, disaster preparedness, and the ability to ask questions and request assistance from insurance experts.


Alabama Department of Public Safety

500 Dexter Ave.

Montgomery, AL  36130

Phone: 334-242-4371



Highlights:  The Alabama Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division has been in service since 1935.  Their website provides a wealth of information into the history of highway safety in Alabama.  A complete list of resources for new drivers is provided including an online driverís manual, motorcycle manual and information on driver license testing procedures.  In addition, the website provides information on how to get in contact with their administrative and investigations departments.  Finally, the websites provides a large link collection to other Alabama law enforcement and traffic safety sites, Alabama state government sites and links to other law enforcement related sites.



Alabama Department of Transportation

1409 Coliseum Blvd.

Montgomery, AL  36110

Phone: 334-242-6358



Highlights:  Included on the Dept. of Transportation site is a map of work zones, rest areas, and welcome centers located on major auto highways throughout the state.  You can also check out weather news for different regions of the state if you are planning a trip by car.  A Construction Bulletin details major ongoing construction projects that directly affect auto traffic with estimated completion dates.  One of the top features of the site is their page describing the A.S.A.P. program (Alabama Service & Assistance Patrol.)  Started in 1997, the program's goal is to minimize accidents and overall traffic congestion in the greater Birmingham Area by providing free assistance services to disabled motorists.  A map showing routes covered and hours of service is included.


Interstate Highway Speed Limits

Rural- 70 mph

Urban-  70 mph



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