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Emergency: Loss of Steering Due to a Blowout!



s you might know, driving can be dangerous and experiencing the loss of your steering due to a blowout can be very dangerous indeed. If you experience a blowout and experience a temporary loss of steering because of it, you dont have to panic or fear the worst. You can take care of the situation and really be protected. In fact, by following certain safety measures a blowout doesnt have to be a big deal at all. In this article, we will discuss what to do if you experience a blowout and how to protect yourself.


     Steering. If your front tire blows, the car may suddenly veer wildly as if youve thrown the steering wheel to one side while a busted rear tire will usually make you head more gracefully. Dont steer suddenly in any direction; just try to slow down and get to the side.


     Do not slam on the brakes. Although this might be your first instinct, do not do it. In fact, hitting on your brakes is the worst thing that you can do and will cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Instead, keep your foot on the gas pedal when you experience a blowout. The vehicles forward vector is your friend and will allow the continuous engine power to help you steer the vehicle. Just as you would in a sudden strong crosswind, maintain it and steering will protect you.


     Slow down gradually. Let the car slow down gradually by taking your foot off the gas pedal and work your vehicle toward the breakdown lane or toward an exit. If you have to change lanes, put on your turn signals and be cognizant of to other drivers. Also, put on your emergency flashers to warn others.


     Steer as your vehicle slows down. It is better to roll the car off the roadway and into a safe place than it is to stop in traffic and risk being hit by other vehicles. Try and get your car off the pavement and away from traffic before getting out of the car.


     Dont be frightened by strange noises you hear. If you let it, those strange noises from a blowout can scare you. Simply grip the wheel tightly and only make steering corrections as needed. Wait for your vehicle to drop at the afflicted corner and look for a good place to pull off.


     Leave the tire and wheel. OK, I know that they cost money but they are history. It is more important to avoid an accident than to stop in traffic trying to grab your tire. Instead, keep going until you find a safe place to pull off the road. If there is a ton of traffic, you might want to continue until you see your next exit. A flat is good for up to 1/3 mile before you are riding on the rim and the rim can go for up to two miles before it gives out.


     Dont Be Hard on Yourself. Just about everyone will have a flat tire in their life. If this happens to you and you experience a blowout, stay calm, be patient and remember that it is more important to get of the road than to site there and try and save your tire. Tires and rims can be replaced but your life and the life of your passengers cannot.


Last, but not least, use common sense. If you are forced to pull off on the shoulder then park as far as you can from the road itself. Changing a left side tire close to traffic could get you killed. Also, make sure that you pull out your emergency flashers, flares and reflectors. This could inevitably save your life!

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