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Emergency: Driving on Flooded Roads!



ím going to be honest with you -driving in the rain can be very dangerous and driving in excessive rain can be deadly. One of the main problems with driving in heavy rain is that it can cause roads to flood. And, as you might guess swiftly moving floodwaters are extremely dangerous. In fact, the force of only six inches of swiftly moving water can knock people off their feet, and two feet of flowing water can carry away an automobile. Thatís right. Your best bet is to limit your driving, and donít drive on a flooded road. However, if you have to drive on flooded roads then there are a few things that you can to do protect yourself and your loved ones.


First of all, if you see floodwaters then donít drive into it. What may seem like a puddle of water, could actually sweep you and your car away.  Sounds like common sense, doesnít it? Youíll be surprised to know that many people do just that. In fact, according to news reports in Knoxville, their police department respond to an average of  95 calls due to  vehicles stalled by high water, or people trapped on flooded roads.


Second, never ever enter flooded streams (even if you are in a boat). OK, so, this one sounds like the first one but youíd be surprised to find out how many people actually do this. Therefore, if you see flooded water, wait for the waters to go down, or find an alternate route before you drive into it.


Third, if it is raining excessively and you see a manhole that is not covered, one that has been lifted off by the water, by all means stay away from it. To go over it is asking for trouble and you could end up getting stalled in it and wonít be able to get your car out. 


Fourth, stay off damaged roads and bridges. Hiding beneath them can be very dangerous indeed for the structure might break and then you could be seriously injured or killed. Therefore, your best way is to stay as far away as you can from damaged bridges and roads.


Fifth, if youíre in your car and floodwater rises around your car, leave it there and climb to higher ground. Thatís right - get out of your car. You can always replace your car but you canít replace your life. So, donít be concerned with abandoning your car.


Finally, donít drive in rain or excessive rain unless you have to, and if you have to, use common sense and follow the above-mentioned tips!

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