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Ford Escape Hybrid Takes on Manhattan Traffic Jams on Just One Tank of Gas 

NEW YORK, March 26 / -- Ford will put its innovative new hybrid vehicle to an extreme driving test beginning the morning of April 5 to determine how many miles and how many consecutive hours the Escape Hybrid can cover on one 15-gallon tank of gas. 

"We are going to drive up, down and across the island of Manhattan in some of the heaviest traffic possible," said Mary Ann Wright, Ford's chief engineer for the Escape Hybrid.   "Escape Hybrid can provide an economical solution to a problem commuters face every day -- bumper-to-bumper gridlock that can bleed a normal car's fuel tank dry.” 


New Volkswagen Ad Campaign - 'Drive It. You'll Get It.' 

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., March 26 / -- “Drive it. You'll Get it" -- a new ad campaign from Volkswagen that boldly reinforces with U.S. car buyers that Volkswagen is and always will be the "Drivers wanted" brand. 

The thrust of the new marketing push centers on Volkswagen's vehicles and how they continue to provide a driving experience different from other cars in their market segments.  From a brand perspective, the "Drive it. You'll Get it" theme focuses on what it feels like to drive a Volkswagen with creative that shows consumers discovering what makes a Volkswagen a Volkswagen, and a great driving car. 


Vibracoustic Contributes to Overall Ride of the 'World's Fastest Production Pick-Up Truck' 

PLYMOUTH, Mich., March 29 / -- How do you keep a driver safer and more comfortable driving the world's fastest production pick-up truck? Add NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) components supplied by Vibracoustic helps improve ride and handling and keep the driver comfortable – even at record-setting speeds. 

Vibracoustic N.A., the vibration control business of Freudenberg-NOK, supplies a specially designed jounce bumper and snubber bumper for the Dodge Ram SRT-10 -- recently named the Guinness Book of World Records world's fastest production pick-up truck after posting an average speed of 154.587 mph over a "flying kilometer." 


How Not to Get Caught on the Next Stolen Car List 

VAN NUYS, Calif., March 29 / -- According to the most recent NICB’s report on stolen vehicles, a car is stolen every 27.5 seconds. Car owners should be aware of some new anti-theft products, including the Clifford Matrix 3.5 security system, the Clifford 200C GPS Locator and the Boomerang Tracking System. 

The Clifford Matrix 3.5 security system enables vehicle owners to be connected to their cars at all times; the Clifford 200C GPS Locator enables vehicle owners to use the latest GPS technology to track and locate their car, and the Boomerang Tracking System features tracking capabilities with precision of up to three feet.



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