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A Home Inventory will Speed up Your Insurance Claim and Save Money 

LEVITTOWN, Pa., and PHILADELPHIA, March 23/ -- An inventory of personal belongings will maximize your insurance claim by providing a written, video, or photographic record of your lost items. 

Insurance companies recommend that you have documentation of your personal property to assure your families financial protection. They want to return your home and personal belongings to the way they were, but the burden of proof is on you to prove what was lost, destroyed or stolen. Your home is the single largest investment you will ever make. Your household furnishings and personal belongings are second.  


Survey Says Washington Drivers with High Incomes, Degrees Speed More Often

 SEATTLE, March 23 / -- According to a PEMCO Insurance survey, the person passing you on the highway well above the speed limit is more likely to have an advanced education and earn a higher income than those traveling at safer speeds. 

The findings are part of a poll of 600 Washington residents that compared their average freeway or highway speed to the speed limit. The poll found that only 11 percent of Washingtonians typically travel at dangerous speeds well above the speed limit. PEMCO also divided the results by age, gender, income level, family status and other classifications to look for trends. 


Take Better Care of Your Car Save on Taxes  

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 24 / -- Penny pinchers start your engines!  With tax season in full swing, The Valvoline Company, says you can lower your taxable income for next year if you take better care of your cars today.  

If a car owner keeps a higher mileage car for one additional year after it's been paid off, they may save up to $350 a month ($4,200 in one year), which can in turn be invested. Instead of a monthly car payment, if that money is used for a viable savings option, it may allow a significant taxable income reduction.


L.A. Students Top Detroit in Auto Aluminum Design Challenge 

DETROIT, March 24 / -- Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, CA, earned first prize for best design in the inaugural Auto Aluminum Design Challenge.  The top automotive design students from the Art Center College of Design and Detroit's College for Creative Studies competed against each other to design a Sport Aluminum Vehicle (SAV), maximizing aluminum's ability to improve the safety, performance, environmental impact and utility of  Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV).



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