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“Tornado” Can Spell Relief for Consumers Concerned About Rising Gas Prices

 SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif., March 11 / -- Nervous consumers concerned about high gas prices may want to consider a Tornado for their cars. A Tornado is a non-moving, turbine shaped gas-saving device, which creates a vortex or swirling effect to the engine. The result is improved airflow into the engine's combustion chamber, causing a more efficient mixture between air and fuel. 

The product takes only a few minutes to install and the manufacturer says it will save 1 to 2 miles per gallon. With gas near $2 a gallon, a 15 gallon fill-up could save $2 to $4 per tank. 


High Gas Prices Making Consumers Take Another Look At 'Green' Cars 

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 15/ -- High gas prices are pushing an increasing number of U.S. motorists to take a second look at ultra-fuel efficient cars built on hybrid and clean-burn diesel technology. 

Hybrid cars pair a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor.  At high speeds, hybrids rely on the gas engine for power; in stop-and- go traffic, the electric engine gets involved.  By switching between gas and electric power sources, hybrid cars can substantially increase fuel efficiency while doing much less damage to the environment. 


AAA and Parents Magazine Select 15 'Best Family Cars’ 

BURNSVILLE, Minn., March 15 / -- AAA and Parents magazine name the 15 "Best Cars for Families" in the April issue of the magazine. The reviewers considered everything from air bags and fuel economy to cup holders and cargo space. They also installed a variety of child safety seats into every car, making sure it could be done easily and securely.   

The winners included:  the Honda Civic and Accord, Scion xB, Chevy Malibu, Volkswagen Jetta, Chrysler Pacifica, Volvo V70, Pontiac Vibe, Ford Explorer, Nissan Murano, Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest.  For a complete list in all categories, see the April issue of Parents magazine.



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