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Toyota Prius Wins Title of 'Best Engineered Vehicle for 2004' by AEI 

DETROIT, March 8 / -- The readers and editors of Automotive Engineering International (AEI) have selected the 2004 Toyota Prius as the "Best Engineered Vehicle of 2004."   

The new Prius was selected because it breaks new ground in hybrid passenger car technology and engineering.  It features significantly more power and performance than the previous model, as well as best-in-class fuel economy and emissions.  This Prius represents Toyota's second-generation gasoline/electric hybrid technology and is the first hybrid to provide room, comfort, and features of a midsize sedan. 


Electronic Stability Control Makes a Big Difference - University of Iowa Automotive Safety Study Finds 

DETROIT, March 8/- According to a new research study conducted by the University of Iowa, Electronic Stability Control (ESC)can make a critical difference in maintaining vehicle control in an emergency driving situation.  

Employing the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) owned by the National Highway Traffic Safety, researchers were able to study drivers during true-to-life critical driving scenarios that could lead to a loss of vehicle control.  The study concludes that 34 percent more drivers maintained control of their vehicles with ESC than without. 


SAE International Launches New Service for Automotive Industry Pool of Experts 

DETROIT, March 8 / -- SAE International announced it is launching a new service for the automotive field: Automotive Resources Institute (ARi).  ARi will provide engineering and business consultants, speakers and teachers to help craft solutions to challenges identified by the automotive industry.  

What sets ARi apart from similar organizations in the industry, is that ARi's approach streamlines the search process by taking the guesswork out of choosing the right consultant. ARi's qualified consultants have a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from technical and corporate management to design and product engineering. 


5 Gas & Money Saving Tips Kelley Blue Book 

IRVINE, Calif., March 8/ -- In light of the skyrocketing gas prices across the nation, Kelly Blue Book offers these gas and money saving tips: 

   1. Switch to a lower grade gasoline if your car does not require the higher grade. 

   2.  Use a fuel injector cleaner additive.  Clean injectors will help your vehicle get up to 5 percent better gas mileage. 

   3.  Turn off your air conditioning, but don't roll down your windows.  Both create drag on your car.

   4.  Check your vehicle's air filter and tire pressure.   

   5.  Accelerate normally from a fully stopped position.



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