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AAHP-HIAA Proposes Plan to Fight Unlicensed Insurance Scams 

WASHINGTON, March 3 / -- AAHP-HIAA (American Association of Health Plans and Health Insurance Association of America) announced a plan to address the sale of health insurance by unlicensed companies.  The sale of bogus insurance is on the rise, and exposes unsuspecting consumers to devastating medical bills and  too often leaves health care providers stuck with unpaid claims. 

The plan includes a number of PSA’s, a call for a national on-line database of licensed health insurance carriers and the formation of a special task force to study the problem and come with solutions to address it.  

Tips for Your Vehicle's A/C System Care  

LANSDALE, Pa., March 4 / -- Summer tune-up time for your A/C system.  April is National Car Care Month and the beginning of the air conditioning season in many areas.  Is your vehicle's A/C system up to the summer challenge? 

The A/C in your vehicle is a sealed, high-pressure system containing a refrigerant. As the refrigerant moves through the system, it absorbs heat and cools the air entering the passenger compartment.  Here’s a quick test: 

Set all the controls for maximum cooling, close all the doors and windows, start the engine and run it for about five minutes.  If the temperature from the outlets gets cold, this indicates a properly functioning system. 


Buck Baker Racing School to Offer Stock Car Racing Experience Recording Capability 

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 8 / -- The Buck Baker Racing School announced that it will now offer the XTREMEX3 tri-media stock car application for the 2004 racing season. 

XTREMEX3 is an in-vehicle solution that enables the school to record, store and play back all dimensions of their students' extreme racing experiences, including multiple digital video views,crystal clear audio, and vehicle telemetry data.

XTREMEX3 provides a digital instant replay of each customer's racing school experience -- an interactive program that delivers a "tri-media" experience, including multiple digital video views, audio and graphical variables for speed, RPM and track position. Slashes Prices for Online New Vehicle Leads for Car Dealers Nationwide 

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., March 8/ --, has announced it  is slashing the cost of online leads to almost half those of major competitors. 

Free to consumers, is now the lowest-cost major referral service in the industry for franchise dealerships. Charging as little as $14.95 and at most $19.95 for leads, iMotors is intent on making online referrals the most economic business development tool available to dealers. 

iMotors says it can afford to cut current industry pricing because of a low-cost business model that leverages a single technology infrastructure  across multiple referral services and industries, including automotive, residential real estate, lending and home improvement.



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