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Beverly Hills Ford First to Launch Virtual Dealership

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 26- "Now, people from anywhere in the country will be able to say that they bought their vehicle in Beverly Hills," says Peter Blacksberg, founder and owner of Beverly Hills Ford, in announcing launch of a full-service, virtual dealership established exclusively for internet shoppers. Among the website’s capabilities are the means to view and initiate the purchase and financing of any new Ford model available in the U.S.; view and order parts and accessories from Ford and, in Southern California, set up service appointments at Beverly Hills Ford, all while sitting in front of their computer.


Great New Tools for Clearing the Ice from Your Auto’s  Windshield

HAVERTOWN, N.Y., Jan. 26- Motorists now have less of an excuse for not clearing the ice and snow from their windshield when they take off in the morning. More than 50% of drivers polled in a recent survey admitted to clearing only a peephole in their windshields before they started out, leading to an increased likelihood of accidents.  But IceDozer ™ has a new slant – the Tenderizers ™ they put on their ice-clearing tools, which include the Flexiblade and the Powergrip.


Lexus to Be Sponsor of Certified Channel on

ATLANTA, Jan. 26-, world's largest automotive marketplace, announced that Lexus will be the premier sponsor of their certified pre-owned channel for 2004. pioneered this category online and has been the leader in CPO offerings since 2001. now hosts the most manufacturers and the most certified pre-owned vehicles (more than 200,000) of any online automotive site.  The sponsorship package includes:  permanent home page placement, sole sponsorship of the CPO  Channel, capability to download all Lexus CPO inventory directly to the site, and advertising inventory exclusivity within Lexus used searches.


Auto Buyers Shifting Toward Smaller SUVs

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 27- Bauer Industries doesn’t necessarily think so. Amidst growing safety concerns, escalating gas prices and a litany of environmental issues, consumers and auto-makers alike are witnessing a reversal in the auto industry.  Amid an increasing number of smaller SUVs, wagons and hybrids, consumer attitudes are shifting from bigger to smaller.

Bauer Industries, a Sacramento-based vehicle outfitter, are specialists in sports racks and cargo boxes and they say they’re seeing an increase in business adding these after-market items to a wide variety of vehicles.



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