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CarMax Says Survey Shows Selling a Car Yourself is Stressful

    RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 22- Consumers who sell their cars themselves experience a lot of stress during the process.  According to an online poll conducted by CarMax, sellers cited these factors as the most stressful: taking too long to find a buyer; the whole negotiation process; getting less for the car than expected; having to keep the car clean at all times; buyers showing up unannounced and higher than expected advertising costs.


Warrantech Selects TitleGuard to Provide Vehicle Title History Information on Used Cars

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 22- Warrantech Corporation will become the first service contract and after-market warranty provider to offer used car buyers Titleguard Vehicle Title Insurance, in a deal scheduled to begin in March of 2004.  The Independence Used Vehicle Service contract program now includes protection against mechanical problems as well as $50,000 Title Insurance against title defects and evidence of odometer rollback.


Carolina Panthers and Partners Send Designated Driver to the Super Bowl

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 23- "Responsibility Has Its Rewards" has been the message to Carolina fans as the Carolina Panthers, the NFL, and the TEAM Coalition joined forces to get the word out to fans about the importance of responsible drinking and always using a designated driver in your auto throughout the 2003 NFL season.  Dan Flynn was selected as the designated driver for the season for the Panthers, and as a reward they’re sending him to the Super Bowl. 


Raytheon Announces Expanded Availability of NIGHTDRIVER(TM) System For HUMMER(TM) H1 and H2

    DALLAS, Jan. 23- Raytheon is making their popular NIGHTDRIVER(TM) system for the HUMMER(TM) H1 and H2 more widely available.  In an effort to better service the HUMMER community, NIGHTDRIVER now will be available through HUMMER dealerships, current distributors and other distribution partners including HUMMER accessories websites and HUMMER upfitters and customizers. 

    The NIGHTDRIVER system is the only thermal imaging automotive driving system offered for the HUMMER H1 and HUMMER H2.  The thermal imaging senses heat emitted from objects in the view of the camera and produces an image of the scene. 



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