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Honda Accord 'King of the Road Trip' According to Motor Trend 

    TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 21 - Motor Trend magazine named the Honda Accord as the top-pick in its "King of the Road Trip" family sedan comparison test. 

    The editors tested the Accord against three other sedans; the Chevrolet Malibu, Mitsubishi Galant, and the Toyota Camry.  Test drivers were unanimous in their opinion that the Accord was tops in a ”real life” comprehensive road test which included loading luggage, driving on interstates, eating fast food on the go and using child safety seats. 


Indiana Poll Shows Growing Majority of Truck Drivers Favor Required Seat Belt Use in Pickup Trucks 

    INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 21 - A survey released by the Indiana Farm Bureau, Clarian Health, Inc., and the Indiana Seat Belt Coalition shows that 78 percent all adult drivers in Indiana, as well as 58 percent of pickup truck drivers, favor a proposed law to require front seat occupants of pickup trucks to wear seat belts.  Currently, occupants of pickup trucks are exempt from the requirements of Indiana’s seat belt law. Reports Automakers' Average Incentive Grows Nearly 30% From 2002 to 2003 

  SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 21- reported today that the average incentive per vehicle sold in the United States was $2,455 in December 2003, up $251 or 11.4% from December 2002, and up 2.9% from November 2003.  For calendar year 2003, the average incentive was $2,442 per vehicle sold, which was 28.9% higher than the 2002 average of $1,894.'s report takes into account all of the manufacturers' various United States incentives programs, including subvented interest rates and lease programs as well as cash rebates to consumers and dealers. 



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