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MONEY Magazine's 2004 Car Guide - Best Picks in Every Class 

NEW YORK, Feb. 17/ -- MONEY's Magazines March features the Annual Car Guide, one of the most comprehensive tools available anywhere for the 17 million Americans who will buy a car this year.  The guide picks best models in 13 categories and includes dealer cost and resale information for every model. 

The magazine's auto critic Lawrence Ulrich test drove every redesigned or new model on the market, and picked the best in each class based on design, performance, comfort, features, quality, technology, safety and economy-and even the fun factor-of each car.

AAA Reports Gas Prices Still Climbing 

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 17/ -- AAA reports that gasoline prices have continued to increase since the middle of January 2004.  Currently, the nationwide average price of self-serve unleaded is up 4.8 cents, from last month's $1.595 to today's $1.643 per gallon.  Gas prices are higher due to a combination of factors, including high crude oil prices, low U.S. crude oil inventories, cold winter weather and rising gasoline demand.  The nationwide average last year February was $1.645.


XM Satellite Radio to Be Featured on the new 'Satellite Blue' Beetle 

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18/ -- Volkswagen has announced the release of the new “Satellite Blue” beetle, a limited edition, 2004 model that features the standard feature of XM Satellite Radio.  

The Satellite Blue New Beetle is the first auto whose name and theme are based on satellite radio.  The 2004 Volkswagen Satellite Blue New Beetle features an XM Satellite Radio receiver with free activation and a one-year subscription to the XM service, which features more than 120 digital radio channels of commercial-free music plus news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels from coast to coast.   


R. L. Polk Survey Points Up Differences Between Men and Women Vehicle Choices

 SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Feb. 18/ --    R. L. Polk & Co. today announced the top vehicle choices among American women and men for calendar year 2003. The results suggest men look for performance and power, while women are more concerned with practicality.   The results are based on at least 1,000 new vehicle registrations per model, and calculated based on the percentage of all new vehicles registered by each gender. 

The top four vehicles among American men are high-performance cars – the Dodge Viper, the BMW M5, the Porsche 911 and the Audi A8 Select. The top five for women are the Saturn SC, SL, ION and the Kia Sportage.



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