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Washington Drivers Think Cell Phone Use Unsafe 

SEATTLE, Feb. 24/ -- According to a survey done of drivers in the state of Washington, the majority use a cell phone while driving, and an even larger proportion think doing so is unsafe.

Most drivers believe cell phones cause a dangerous distraction, but fewer drivers take active and effective steps to prevent it, according to the poll taken by PEMCO Insurance. In the recent poll, 58 percent of Washingtonians admitted dividing their attention between the road and a cell phone while driving.  When asked to rate the safety of using a cell phone while driving, 69 percent rated the activity dangerous or very dangerous.


PIAA USA Introduces Six Performance Road Wheels Designed for Cars, SUVs 

BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 25/ -- PIAA Corporation, a world leader in performance aftermarket products, has entered the highly competitive road wheel market with the introduction of six stylish, performance-oriented wheel designs, announced company Executive Vice President Richard Churchill.  The wheels are targeted at the high-end, performance automobile and luxury SUV and truck markets.

PIAA is offering four models for performance cars and two for luxury SUVs and trucks, including the Super Rozza, the Sport Mesh, The FR-S, the X-IF TANZO AND THE X-1.


AAA President to Address the Detroit Economic Club About Traffic Safety 

DETROIT, Feb. 25/ -- Robert Darbelnet, President and CEO, AAA, will speak to the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, March 8, 2004.  Darbelnet's speech is titled: "The Highway Epidemic: Condition Critical."

The World Health Organization has designated April 7, 2004 as World Health Day.  The theme of this year's observance is Safe Roads.  Each year more than 1.2 million people throughout the world die in motor vehicle crashes.  Darbelnet, as head of the nation's largest automobile club with more than 46-million members, will address this critical issue and the need to treat motor vehicle crashes as a serious public health epidemic.




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