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Chrysler Group Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales  Jump 25 Percent in 2003 

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Feb. 12/ -- Chrysler Group reported Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle sales of automobiles rose 25 percent in 2003, from 65,524 to 81,550.For the second consecutive year, Intellichoice rated DaimlerChrysler's certified program for Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge the best domestic non-luxury pre-owned car program in America.    

Marketed as "Brand Spankin' Used," the Chrysler Group Certified program was launched in March 2002 and quickly broke the industry's launch year sales record for certified pre-owned vehicles, by posting sales of 65,524 units for the year. 


Is Your Headrest Properly Positioned? 

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 13/ -- Most people understand how to properly use automobile safety devices like seat belts, airbags and car seats, but statistics suggest the majority of drivers are clueless when it comes to the proper positioning of headrests.  In fact, studies show that 90 percent of drivers have their headrests adjusted too low. 

Headrests can go a long way toward reducing neck injuries in the event of a rear-end collision.  Headrests should ideally be positioned two inches or less from the rear of the driver's head, and never more than four inches, according to the NTSA. 


Brooke Corporation Franchise Subsidiary Introduces Auto Insurance Specialty 

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Feb. 13/ -- Brooke Corporation announced the introduction of a Brooke franchise for insurance agents that specialize in the sale of automobile insurance. 

Most insurance policy sales are the result of personal contact by sales professionals, but policy sales by agencies specializing in auto insurance are more often a servicing-type activity conducted by a customer service representative instead of a sales activity conducted by a sales professional.     Because Brooke Franchise Corporation has the required organizational traits, the company expects the Brooke organization to acquire and establish auto insurance agencies in addition to assisting franchisees with acquisitions of this type of agency. 


New Beetle and Jetta to Feature SIRIUS Satellite Radio 

NEW YORK and AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Feb. 13/ -- Beginning with the 2005 models, Volkswagen announced that SIRIUS Satellite Radio, which delivers commercial-free music and premium sports programming to cars and homes across the country will be available as a factory and dealer installed option on Volkswagen's New Beetle and Jetta. 

SIRIUS will be offered as an option in the 2005 New Beetle starting in late summer of this year and in the 2005 all-new Jetta coming early in 2005.  VW will also announce a limited edition vehicle later this year that will exclusively feature SIRIUS.



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