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Motorola Introduces “Dime-sized”  Miniature A-GPS Module

CHICAGO, Sept. 10/ -- Motorola today launched FS Oncore(TM), a breakthrough miniature Global Positioning System (GPS) product. 

In what is sure to be the latest hot item in technology, The FS Oncore module, smaller than a dime at 200 Sq. mm, is used for adding accurate location sensing to virtually any portable electronics product.  The GPS receiver, designed specifically for cost-sensitive, high performance applications is capable of supporting autonomous and assisted-GPS functionality, with applications ranging from cellular handsets and accessories to asset tracking and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).

Based around Motorola's Instant GPS single-chip solution, the FS Oncore module is expected to be a ground-breaking solution for a new generation of location and time-aware portable electronic products.  This product offers more features and convenience for the consumer.

Features include cameras that will time- and location-stamp photos, PDAs with maps which will offer real time navigation and E-911 compliant cellular phones that can find friends, family members, restaurants and nearby shops with goods on sale.

"The FS Oncore module demonstrates Motorola's clear understanding of the GPS market place," said Tim McCarthy, director of positioning systems for Motorola Automotive.  "By design, this product is optimized for low cost production, high performance and simple use."

Recognizing the demand for cost effectiveness, the FS Oncore module is available in either commercial temperature range or the more demanding automotive temperature range.  The automotive version, slightly larger, is suitable for operation from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.  The smaller commercial version is suitable for operation from -20 to 75 degrees Celsius.

Consumers can expect to see new products hitting the market beginning in the first quarter of 2004 that incorporate the break-through technology. 


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