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 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning Earns the Title 'World's Fastest Production Pickup' According to Guinness World Records(TM)  

 DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 13  -- In what is sure to be an attention-grabbing sales hook, the Ford SVT F-150 Lightning has been certified as the "World's Fastest Production Pickup Truck" by Guinness World Records, Ltd. after reaching 147 miles per hour at Ford's test track.  Since the truck's introduction in 1999, the supercharged SVT Lightning has been unofficially called the world's fastest pickup by numerous media outlets.  Now it's a matter of official record. 

"We're proud to have certification from Guinness World Records," says Tom Scarpello, Ford SVT marketing and sales manager.  "It is a well-deserved record for the engineering team, and overdue confirmation to all the SVT F-150 Lightning owners out there who have known for years that they drive the fastest truck on the planet!"

The official record run was conducted at the Michigan Proving Grounds of Ford Motor Company.  The five-mile-long, high-speed oval provided a safe, controlled environment to test the limits of the truck's performance. "This may seem like fun and games, but high-speed stability is critical for a performance vehicle, even a pickup truck," says Tom Chapman, Ford SVT chassis systems supervisor and driver for the record-setting run. 

In order to qualify for the record, Guinness requires the truck to be production level, meaning it must identical to what a customer can find at his local Ford SVT dealer.  Speeds must be measured over a kilometer, and the record speed is derived from an average of speeds in both directions.    To meet the vehicle requirements, Ford SVT used a stock 2003 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning.  Exterior modifications were limited to folding in the side mirrors, and removing the radio antenna. 

"Capable of acceleration from 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds, and reaching 147 mph, the SVT Lightning is the dominant sport pickup in the world," says Scarpello.  "No pickup truck on the market today can come close to matching those numbers.  And, the SVT Lightning does all this and still can tow a 5,000 pound trailer and carry 1,300 pounds of payload.  But best of all, this is no concept vehicle -- it's available right now from your local Ford SVT dealer."


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