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Hispanic Market Draws Two Different Marketing Campaigns


LOS ANGELES, April 8 -- American Honda Motor Co., Inc., one of the top-selling automobile manufacturers to the U.S. Hispanic consumer, launched a major new media marketing campaign targeting the Latino consumer. This month, an online campaign for Honda's Civic models premieres on YupiMSN ,, a leading Spanish-language Internet network.  The campaign was developed by La Agencia de Orci and Asociados, Honda's Hispanic marketing agency.

    In an effort to continue attracting the ever-growing Hispanic market, the campaign will promote the Civic Coupe, Sedan and Si models, and will target Hispanic males 18-24. The ads will communicate to the audience that there is a Civic for every lifestyle,   Upon clicking the ads, consumers are directed to the Honda website where they are able to research all models in Spanish.  

    Hispanics are the nation's largest minority group among new-vehicle buyers, according to a recent report by J. D. Power and Associates and ComScore Media Metrix maintains that more than 12 million US Hispanics are online. Furthermore, 84% of Hispanics polled by Roslow Research would be more likely to do their automotive shopping and research online if they could do so in Spanish.

    Through the course of their 14-year partnership, American Honda and La Agencia de Orci & Asociados have focused on continuously building and sustaining a successful long-term relationship with the U.S. Hispanic consumer.  La Agencia and Honda established a unique four-tier approach to marketing to U.S. Latinos that includes cultural enrichment, community support, sports marketing, and product advertising.  The result is that Honda has had both #1 and #2 selling passenger cars to Hispanic consumers in the U.S. for the last 12 consecutive years.

    As Hispanics move more and more into the mainstream markets, American companies are finding it worthwhile to begin advertising campaigns and programs specifically aimed at attracting the Hispanic consumer.  

    In another recent campaign to reach out to the Hispanic community, Nationwide Insurance and the National Latino Children’s Institute collaborate on sponsoring the “Dreams Essay Contest” for El Dia de los Ninos.  This event will be held April 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Columbus (Ohio) Cooper Stadium.

    El Dia de los Ninos focuses on child safety and creating positive influences on children in the

 community by declaring their own day of celebration.  The day includes a Children's Parade,

 pinata parties, traditional Latino foods, entertainment that includes children's acts, dancing, craft tents  and much more.  The mayor of Columbus, other elected officials and more than 5000 people have attended the day proclaimed as a Columbus holiday to be honored on April 30.

    Nationwide also will sponsor a "Dreams Essay Contest" for students residing in Ohio in

 grades 1-12. The essays for grades 1-8 will focus on descriptions of a role model or the characteristics  they would want a role model or hero to have. Those students in 1-4 (only) can submit a drawing of  their role model instead of writing an essay. Those in grades 9-12 are asked to describe what changes  they would like to see in the Latino community or in their community and how they can make a  positive difference. The contest encourages listening to the wishes, dreams and aspirations of our  children, and acts as a way to increase awareness of the issues troubling Latino and all children. Prizes will be awarded both to the student and their school for the best essay in each grade group.


  For a copy of the official contest rules please visit or contact Marvin

 Groves at 614-677-4770.


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