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Progressive Insurance Announces New Ad Campaign Aimed At Teens

Mayfield Village, Ohio – February 3rd, 2003 - Progressive announced the launch of the first-ever auto insurance ad campaign exclusively targeting teens. The TV and print campaign is designed to increase awareness of the company and familiarize teens with the subject of insurance, but in ways that they would think are relevant to their lives.

“This campaign is about getting teens to know Progressive by imagining the endless insurance possibilities that exist in their day-to-day lives,” said Alex Ho, brand development director for Progressive. “What about a policy that could protect against those really boring summer days spent at home? Or, protection for awkward social moments—and what teen hasn’t had those?”

The spots feature a new take on insurance, unlike the staid and familiar messages usually delivered to prospective insurance customers.

There are two 30-second TV spots: the first shows teenagers attempting to overcome a boring day by launching various items from a makeshift catapult. Items ranging from a tricycle to a pink flamingo bounce onto a lawn. The scene soon transitions to more creative “items” such as their friend. Clearly these teens need “boredom insurance.”

The second TV spot pans down a crowded high school hallway, a girl eyeing her “crush” as she walks down the hall with an armload of books and the crush looking back with interest. The scene turns to disaster as she trips and falls over a trash can. Now that’s a moment that calls for “social disaster insurance.”

The third ad is designed as a print ad, and reveals a teen’s yearbook photo proof sheet. Unfortunately the teen was suffering a pimple eruption and a bad hair day. The tag reads: “We wish we could insure you against everything from volcanic zits to crappy haircuts. But for now, we can just offer real simple car insurance. When you need some, think Progressive.”

Ho said: “This campaign is an investment that we expect to pay off in the future. Our data tell us that only a small percent of teens actually buy auto insurance themselves. We want teens to get to know Progressive now so that when it comes time for them to buy a policy, they’ll consider us.”



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