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Avoiding Car Sales Scams – The  New Car Buying Process


Do you want to buy a new car? We have a detailed directory of information to help you choose the car that is just right for you and your style.  The decision process is a long yet exiting decision when you are purchasing a new vehicle.  Asking the right questions and negotiations are a big part making the right choices in buying a new car or truck.  

One of the first things you need to do is to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen to decide on what kind of vehicle you want to buy.  After you make the list of the top three or five vehicles that you want to own, you will need to make another list of your income and expenses to decide your budget.  Your budget will be the basis for narrowing your decision to what type of car or truck you can afford.  If you seriously have to have that one dream car, but your budget doesn’t allow it, wait a few weeks or months until you can save up more money for a down payment so you can keep the payments lower to where you can afford that new vehicle. 

When you have narrowed your vehicle search down to just a two or three, you are ready to go see a few displays up close.  You will need to prepare yourself for the sales man though; the minute you step on the lot is when they are waiting to get you to buy.  When you are getting ready to shop for a vehicle, be prepared to tell the salesman you are interested in just shopping right now, and possibly taking a test drive, but you are waiting for someone before you can make a decision so you won’t feel as much sales pressure while you are walking the lot. 

As you are walking around the car lots and taking test drives, make sure you take notes either on a note pad or how ever you can, about who is the nicest salesman, who is letting you look without being too pushy, who is answering your questions even when they know you are just ‘looking’, and who is offering the best prices without getting down to business yet?  As you keep notes, you will better be able to go home and make the decision of where you might like to go back and make a car buying decision.  Add any questions to your list that you feel is important when making your vehicle buying decision.  

When you are at home, with your notes and your thoughts about the vehicles you have test driven, reflect back on which automobile made you feel the most comfortable.  Which auto did you like the best when you were behind the wheel? Which vehicle is comparable to your body size – how well you reach the pedals, move the seat, and how much head room you have in the vehicle. 

Before going back and talking business with the salesperson, do some investigation online and find what kinds of prices are available.  You can print off and take this information to your nearest car dealer and when you are negotiating tell them you can buy over the phone, or online and get a better price and present proof. When you present this great deal you found online, they will try their best to meet that deal!

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