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Finding a Good Mechanic Doesn’t Have to Give You a Headache



lthough we would like to be able to fix everything that ever goes wrong with our cars, we realize that this isn’t always possible. In fact, it is often quite necessary and economically feasible to outsource your mechanic work. But, before you throw up your hands, get discouraged and frustrated, and start complaining that all mechanics are crooked you must read this article. Here, we will discuss how you can avoid the bad and the ugly. We will teach you that finding a good mechanic doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, it can be a quite pleasurable experience if you do your homework, know your expectations, understand the different types of mechanic shops that are available, and then find someone that can service your vehicle the way that you expect.


First of all, you have to realize that there are four different types of repair shops. You can seek a mechanic at a dealership, specialty shop, independent general repair shops, and mass merchandise shops. Here are the pros and cons of each.


     a            Dealerships: These types of shops usually have the best support and    equipment available. When other mechanics give up, they send the cars here. They often honor such things like warranty repairs, extended service contracts and emission repairs. The main drawback is that these places cost money and a lot of it.


a            Specialty Shops: Thee guys specialize in a few services. This is a great place to go because folks who used to work at dealerships typically own the shops and then ventured out on their own. Their prices also tend to be competitive.


a            Independent General Repair Shops: This might also be a good bet. The mechanics here are usually specialists for specific types and makes of vehicles and their prices are competitive.

a            Mass merchandise: These guys tend to offer all types of great deals on their repairs but they can prove to be very costly indeed because when and if they goof up, you end up having to take them to a dealer or specialty shop to fix the mess they made. These types of shops are good for tires, batteries and other stuff like that.


Second, once you decide what type of shop to hire for your need, make sure that you ask relatives, friends, and family members for referrals. They can often give you great advice on the good, the bad and the ugly. Typically, they know the really great mechanics in the area and can help you choose wisely.


Third, do your research. Even if you get a referral or if you find a shop in the yellow pages, make sure that you can talk to the manager or better yet the owner. Check the better business bureau to make sure that no complaints have been made. You might also contact the State Attorney General.


Fourth, make sure that you truly give the shop a good look over. Ask yourself these questions: What is your overall impression? Does the shop have modern diagnostic equipment? Do they appear in good working order? Is it well lit and properly ventilated. Is there stuff all over the floor? What type of customer service does the shop offer? Is their staff helpful and friendly? Do they have a lot of repeat customers? How long will your repair take? Do they offer any guarantees? How much is their estimate? Is the shop covered with a ton of grease and gunk? Keep in mind that a busy and efficient shop will be somewhat messy but shouldn’t be downright rotten.


Fifth, make sure that the shop you choose is involved I the community. Are they members of the Rotary, Better Business Bureau, Boy Scouts, etc? Also check to see if they are members of professional and trade organizations like AAA (American Automobile Association), ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), ASA (Automotive Service Assn.), and ASC (Automotive Service Council).


Finally, rely on your instincts, make your decision and then feel confident that you’ve chosen wisely!


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