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10 Tips for Keeping Your Car from Being Stolen



ave you ever walked out to your car only to realize that you canít find it? Maybe you thought to yourself, ďI think I parked it here but Iím not sure.Ē You might even have walked around looking for it and after 5 minutes of looking, you suddenly realized that it was gone. Thatís right. Your beloved car had been stolen. Well, if this has ever happened to you or someone you know then you are not alone. Thousands of cars are stolen every year. If this has never happened to you then consider yourself lucky. In this article, weíve included some proven ways to reduce the chances of becoming the next victim of an automobile theft.


1.         Lock your car. Do not leave your car unlocked. Sound like a no brainer? Well, youíd be surprised how many cars are left unlocked. Car thieves are always on the lookout for keys left either in the ignition or under a seat.  They know all the tricks in the book Ė they probably wrote the book! Nothing attracts a thief to your car more than seeing the cars in the ignition.


2.         Hide your ID number. Be careful who sees the ID numbers printed on ignition keys because a clever thief can simply call the 800 number printed on the key, tell the company that that theyíve lost their keys and then have the keys duplicated and sent to them. They will have the keys sent to their personal address, giving them easy access to your car.


3.             Purchase Personalized plates. That way if your car is stolen, it will be easier to locate. Did you know that thieves are less likely to steal cars with personalized plates? They know they are too easy to spot.


4.         No Identifying Information. Never leave your name, address or phone number on your key chain. Someone could find your lost keys, locate your house, find your car, and drive away with it.  Not to mention that since most people keep a house key on their key chain, the thief now has entrance to your home as well!


5.         Donít Park In Unattended Lots.  Cars that are left in unattended parking lots are more likely to be stolen than those that arenít. In fact, your best bet would be to park under a streetlight or in a well-lit area. If you have to park in a public car garage, be sure it is staffed with a security guard at all times.


6.         Roll Up Your Windows. Thieves can enter cars that have cracked windows so make sure that you roll up your windows and lock them before leaving your car unattended.


7.             Remove valuables. Donít leave personal items or valuables in plain sight. Hide any loose dollar bills, change, cell phones, purse, pagers, etc.  This is especially true during the holiday season.  Hide all your purchases in the trunk of your car.  Never leave them inside the car in full view.


8.         Donít Leave Your Car Running. OK, this might sound like common sense but there are many people who leave their cars running while they run errands, only to return to the space where they left their car and find it gone!


  1. Purchase Security Devices. Make sure that you purchase a security device. It might consist of a factory-installed alarm, the Club or some other device. The important thing is to have something.  This is a true deterrent. A thief only has a few seconds to steal your car.  Heís not going to spend any unnecessary time trying to disarm an alarm system or remove the Club!


10. Use common sense. Follow your instincts. Only leave your car in areas that you ďfeelĒ good about. If you have a bad feeling about a location then DO NOT PARK THERE. Remember that hindsight is 20/20 and prevention is the best way to keep your car where it needs to be, with you.


Finally, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, who annually issues a list of the nation's most commonly stolen vehicles, after a ten-year decline in auto theft rates, newly released statistics indicate auto theft is on the rise in the United States. Be informed, be prepared Ė donít become a victim!


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